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My zombie drawing :)
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‘Real Life’ Disney Princesses

Wow. Click thru as these are all amazing.
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I grabbed this picture from www.strikegently.com. I posted it here because after mildly following the wall street protests, I kind of want to talk about it. but since I don’t really have anyone to talk about it with, I’m gunna rant here. (:
I am loving the debates going on in the comments of the post that this occured on (http://strikegently.com/2011/10/112493) BTW strikegently is NSFW
I agree with this picture for the most part. I find it hard to find pity for people who sit and complain about the economy and the job market when they are not out there looking. I know people personally so I am not just making a blanket statement.
I have always had a job ever since I was 14 years old. Always. There has never EVER been a time in my entire life that I have not been working. I have always known that a job is a job is a job. And a paycheck is a paycheck. This is especially true if and when you have bills to pay.
As for right now, I have two jobs. I recently just got myself a second job. a SECOND fucking job. So for those people who are sitting there complainging and complaining that there is absolutely NO work for them ANYWHERE, I have to call bullshit. There is work. You just have to look for it. And take it. If you need money as badly as you complain, you will work wherever you can. Be it working 830a-10pm, overnights, or at McDonalds.
NOW, let me get one thing straight. I am not saying the economy is good. I am not saying that at all. If you graduate from college, it is quite likely that you will NOT be able to get a job in the field that you were hoping for. It is also likely that you will graduate with a shit ton of college loans.
But if you get a few jobs and work your ass of, eventually things WILL be better. Things will not always be this shitty. It is not okay to graduate and sit on your ass and complain about how much money you owe in loans. Get up, get out, and get a job. That’s exactly what I am doing. There are 24 hours in a day. You need 8 hours to sleep, so that leaves approx 16 hours to FIND A JOB. GO FIND ONE. I have already established the fact that you can find a job if you really want one. Here are some fine websites that have thousands of jobs postings if you are still convinced that there are no jobs (www.monster.com and www.indeed.com)
I am working my ass off. Two jobs. Close to 75 hours a week. Working my ass of. Just to get out of debt and start my life. Because I know that I can live my American Dream. I am not trying to blame my debt on anyone else. In my opinon, my college degree is already worth it because I have a job making more than minimum wage. In my opinon, that is worth the $40,000 that I am in debt.
And since I have been working. my. ass. off. Phillip DeFranco (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZ9fc6UzJhQ&feature=feedu) brought up another group related to these protests in his show today. The 53%. I have to say that I agree with them. I am busting my ass. To make sure I will have a life for myself.
It would be great if the 99% and the 53% could find a middle and get some shit accomplished. If all these Americans could meet in the middle and actually stand up and fight, could you imagine all the change we could create?!
I don’t know. I guess I am just ranting.
I guess my question is, How do you all feel about the Occupy Wall St? Where do you stand? What are your feelings?

Unfortunately Occupy Wall St. is about a lot more than just people not being able to find jobs. It’s about peoples homes being foreclosed on by banks who take continuous advantage of us. It’s about huge corporations taking bailout money and paying their top executives million dollar bonuses - while they continue to lay off the middle class.
So, it’s not as simple as people just working crappy jobs to pay their bills. I think there have always been unemployed people who are picky and/or lazy.. and they haven’t needed to go out and protest about it. Our country has a record unemployment percentage - and while you could look on job listings online, and say that there are “plenty” of jobs, there really aren’t plenty of jobs. The number of people unemployed exponentially outweighs the number of jobs available.  And what of the protesters? Should they be home instead of protesting at Wall St? No. Because if everyone just stays home, then nobody pays attention. That’s what it was like before OSW and nothing was any better. I think we’ve tried anything else but it isn’t going to matter. Sometimes you have to force people to listen.
Another thing to think about is that not everyone has the option to just get ‘any job’ and work for minimum wage, because there are people who have car payments and rent, and maybe families to feed, and even working 2 jobs at minimum wage doesn’t put many people over the poverty line. What about people who were laid off because of corporate greed? Rather than cut bonuses to the top executives, corporations religiously lay off their employees. Why don’t people care about this???  The so called “PRODUCTIVE” members of society so many people claim to be a part of are the same ones being laid off. Just because not -everyone- has lost their job doesn’t mean that nobody has.
OSW is also against Corporate money in politics - an ongoing and serious problem. The 1% - the wealthy - basically control politics and candidates in elections because it is their money which is used to back campaigns. Do you think the wealthy 1% are going to back candidates that don’t benefit them? You’re insane if you think that they will choose the candidate that has plans to benefit the majority of Americans, instead of just the corporations and wealthy. Our government treats corporations like an individual person. Instead of allowing the PEOPLE of the US to choose a candidate, it’s being decided by executives and corporations.
So it’s really an ignorant thing to say that the protests on Wall Street and across the country are just ‘hippies’ without jobs. The honest truth of the matter is you’re wrong. They’re veterans of our military, educated people, and even seasoned professionals who either lost their jobs, lost their homes, or can’t find work. This is a problem that stems from the wealthy 1%.
I could honestly go on, but I just wanted to educate anyone who is confused about what the OSW protests are about, because the way the media is spinning it, and people are talking about it, it’s getting really twisted. 
&  JUST for the record - I have a job, making above minimum wage. I’m supporting this because I should be making more. I’m supporting this for all the people that deserve jobs but can’t get them and for all the manipulation that I feel happens in our government every single day thanks to corporate greed. I’m still one of the 99%.
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I’d watch this.